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WWII Day 2018

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Year 5 were transported back to October 1940 on Wednesday with the help of the wonderful ‘History Off the Page’ company. We have been studying WWII this term and it was such a brilliant opportunity to bring all of our learning together, into a day filled with authentic props, role play and fun!

Our Home Guard leader, Captain Hatfield, gave us a taste of strict schooling- 1940s style in the morning. Children were immersed into the curriculum of 1940, which including the old money system, kings and queens and the British Empire. We learnt so much about life on the homefront for evacuated Londoners!

In the afternoon, the hall was transformed into a small village shopping hub including a: butcher, fishmonger, general store, local restaurant, and so much more. The children were given a shopping list and had to navigate the tricky money system, as well as rationing. Spam and sugar-free sandwiches were enjoyed by all at the restaurant too! It enabled us to appreciate the difficulties of wartime living but also, the community spirit that it created.


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