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Our Aims:


At St. Gildas' we believe that Science is integral to every part of life. It teaches an understanding of natural phenomena and stimulates curiosity to know why things happen in the way they do. Here at St. Gildas' it is our aim to nurture a love for the subject in our pupils and to promote in them an appreciation of the way that Science will affect their futures on a personal, national and global level. These beliefs and aims are at the heart of our Science teaching and all enrichment activities that we provide.


Curriculum and lesson structure:


Here at St. Gildas', our Science Curriculum has been specifically chosen to provide a rich and balanced experience for all pupils. We subscribe to Empiribox Science, who have designed a curriculum with practical science at the heart of it. Lessons focus on practical activities, using a wealth of resources to provide context for learning knowledge and all of the necessary skills for scientific enquiry.

Pupils are taught a weekly Science lesson of 2-2.5 hours. In addition to this, we also plan enrichment opportunities and make cross curricular science links, where ever possible, such as within art or literacy lessons.

Each year group studies the same unit of work per term, with each year group's lessons differentiated to allow for progression from year 3 to 6. This Spring term's unit of study is Light.

Every lesson focuses on teaching an aspect of knowledge and scientific enquiry skills. A typical lesson is made up of a whole class lesson introduction followed by several practical activities, which we call labs. There are many different types of lab activities, including; practical investigations, research activities using ipads, arts and crafts to make scientific models and diagrams etc. Pupils may work independently, in pairs or in small teams to complete all of the labs. Thinking aloud, discussions and questioning are actively encouraged. Every lesson finishes with an evaluation of what has been learnt. 

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