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Houses of Parliament – Outreach Visit

Today we were visited by Emily, who works for the Houses of Parliament Education centre. In the morning, we enjoyed an assembly in which we learnt how our democratic system and the Houses of Parliament work. We enjoyed learning about our local constituencies, MP’s and began to think about issues they debate.

Each year group then had a ‘Laws and debating’ workshop. We sat as if in the House of Commons, and elected a Speaker of the house. This person’s job was to ensure that the democratic process was being followed in an orderly manner. We voted on issues to debate, such as: a single-use plastic ban; smoking ban; enforced meat-free days; lowering the price of electric vehicles and giving some of Footballers’ salaries to the NHS. Our teachers were very impressed by our general knowledge on topical events and the eloquent arguments put forward and rebutted.

The debating club enjoyed a lunch time session in which they analysed how MP’s use persuasive speaking techniques to win arguments. The children were challenged to defend their arguments, which felt uncomfortable at first, but challenged them to refine and improve their powers of persuasion and critical thinking. Please see twitter for some impressive resilience and determination shown.

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