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Through our actions, we will try to live as Jesus lived


Able Writer's Day

On Monday, ten children from Years 5 and 6 enjoyed a workshop day hosted by the poet Neal Zetter at the City of London Academy. We joined able writers from two other local schools and spent the day exploring, writing and performing poetry. The children learned how to create a Kenning poem – a kenning is a metaphorical phrase used to name a noun indirectly, for example, Anastasia (5B) wrote about a mind grabber, thought taker, brain snatcher, selfish master.


Neal guided the children away from using clichéd language and inspired individuality and creativity. For the final part of the day, the children worked in a small group with children from the other schools to create and perform an eight line poem. They were allowed twenty minutes to devise the poem, include actions and gestures and practice. The outcomes were superb and a thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all. 

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