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Late/Absence Procedures

At St Gildas' we understand the importance of being in school everyday and arriving on time.  



When pupils arrive late they miss out on instructions given at the beginning of lessons which can significantly reduce achievement regardless of academic ability.  Not only does the pupil miss out but the class can be disrupted by late arrivals.  The gate opens at 8.45am and closes at 8.55am.   After this time your child should enter school through the main office and use the electronic sign-in.  We monitor punctuality on a two weekly cycle and if your child is late more than twice during this period we will notify you by letter. 



Absence also has a serious effect on your child's progress and attainment.  Where possible please try to ensure that your child is in school everyday. WE monitor absence regularly and  If it becomes an issue we will contact you and in serious cases we will refer to the Educational Welfare Officer at the Local Authority.  


If you are struggling to get your child to school or having trouble arriving on time we are happy to support with guidance and strategies so please contact us if you feel this would be of help.

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