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Haringey Page Turners

Page Turners' Project


Kaiden, Keiara, Elijah and Izzy (from year 6), are worked really hard on the ‘Page Turners’ project. At the start, we visited exhibitions at the ‘House of Illustration’, worked with professional illustrators and planned, written and edited the children’s stories.


Using collage, they have worked with Mark and Mark (the illustrators) and several other local school’s to design their own characters. They then based their stories on these, and began to plan a five part plot. Following this was a challenging session and hard work through lunch times to complete the stories.


The hard work paid off and the children’s final stories were submitted! During the next sessions, the children worked on bringing together their final ‘spreads’ (the image and writing double pages) and designing their book’s front cover.

We have had an amazing time. Our children have worked so hard and the standard of their stories is exceptional. The year 7’s in the group could not believe that they were not secondary children, due to the focus, dedication and standard presented by our pupils. They are fantastic ambassadors for our school and we look forward to sharing each child’s published book at the December book launch – watch this space for more information on this event to follow!

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Haringey Page Turners – Launch Night!


We had an amazing time celebrating the launch of the children’s published books at Greig City Academy on Wednesday 5th December.

As we arrived, the children and their families were greeted by a champagne reception, with schloer for the children, to toast to their amazing achievements. Then was time for the children to finally get their hands on their professionally published books! The parents, grandparents, siblings and teachers were all so proud of the children.

As the children were presented with their copies on the stage, illustrator Mark exclaimed that “these were among my absolute favourites” and a local Deputy Head complimented us on “such high standards of written work.”

The children were quite rightly beaming with pride and we enjoyed a wonderful celebration of the project coming to an end.

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