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Athletics and Cross Country

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Athletics Tournament- 24th January 2019


On Thursday the 24th of January, St. Gildas’ Athletics squad (made up of carefully selected Year Sixes, a couple of Year Fives, and a willing Year Four), came a superb third in the Haringey Borough Athletics Tournament held at St. Thomas Moore Catholic Secondary School. 12 schools in the borough took part, and competed in field events (such as: long jump, vertical jump, triple jump and many more) and track relay events (such as Hurdles, 2x1, 4x1,2x2,4x2, Paarlauf and more).

The relay teams’ results were incredible and here they are:


Maisie and Zoe-Hurdles: 3rd

Killian and Liam-Hurdles: 3rd

Isabel.R and Ella-2x2: 4th

Elijah and Gabriel- 2x2: 2nd

Pearl, Zoe, Maisie and Holly- 4x1: 2nd

Alfie, Leo, Jerome, and Sebastian- 4x2: 1st

Holly, Leah, Nina and Isabel.R-4x2: 2nd

Elijah, Zackiah, Leo and Jerome-4x2: 1st


We’ve improved hugely from coming 2nd last, the previous year!


The squad were very dedicated and trained every Monday and Wednesday, having to arrive at school at 8am in the morning. A special thanks to the squad: Elana, Elena, Ella, Casey, Zoe, Pearl, Rose, Isabel.R, Nina, Maisie, Holly, Leah, Gabriel, Alfie, Elijah, Jerome, Sebastian, Leo, Killian, Oskar, Liam and Zackiah and all the other children who tried out.


A huge thanks to Chris, who organised the tournament and trained our children so successfully!

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Cross Country Fixture

Miss Clarke and Miss Fulton had the pleasure of taking some year 5 and 6 children to a cross country fixture at New River, competing against other Haringey schools. There were over 200 children competing in each race, and we are so proud of the determination, hard work and sporting talent shown by all the children who competed and attended the trials.

A special congratulations to: Ella (6P) who finished 24th and Maisie (5C) who finished 51st in the girls’ race and Alex Ritchie (5B) who finished 45th and Gabriel (6P) who finished 46th. This is an amazing achievement especially when considering there were secondary school children also competing.


Primary Results

Race results of just the primary children competing:


Girls (out of 122):

Ella 6th, Maisie 24th, Zoe 55th, Holly 56th, Aimée 86th, Casey 109th, Nina 110th, Pearl 119th


Boys (out of 140):

Alex R 22nd, Gabriel 23rd, Maximilien 53rd, Alex O 54th, August 57th, Alex S 60th, Sebastian 68th, Alfie G 71st, Alex S 76th, ruben 79th, Hugh 90th, Elijah 93rd, Kaiden 94th, Freddie H 114th, Jerome 116th


The first four children back for each race became the ‘A’ team, the next four becoming the ‘B’ team and so on. For the girls’ race, our ‘A’ team placed 8th out of 22 schools and our ‘B’ team 21st. In the boys’ race, our ‘A’ team again placed 8th, the ‘B’ team 15th and ‘C’ team 20th out of 27.

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