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Through our actions, we will try to live as Jesus lived


Ancient Greek Day 2018

Year 5 had an amazing day on ‘Ancient Greek Day’! We became Ancient Greek citizens for the day and participated in authentic arts and crafts sessions: such as mosaics, pottery painting and making homeopathic medicines. We spent the day learning all about Ancient Greek History, as Athenians living and working in the Agora. Ruaridh from 5B became the messenger Phidippides, who had to run to and from marathon, bringing news on the Persian invasion. Luckily, Athens and Sparta came together to defeat the Persians! This meant that in the afternoon we had a festival celebration, in which the Agora became a stage. The children became the actors and dancers, sharing with us celebratory dances and renditions of ‘Pandora’s Box’ and ‘Polyphemus’ Cave’. Our ‘servants’ did an amazing job in sharing the food and drinks among the citizens, in which we toasted to the success of the Athenian army and tried delicacies such as: feta cheese, olives, honey bread and more. We were then lucky enough to continue our Greek feasting, courtesy of the Constantinou family. We all had an amazing day! Thank you to our parent helpers who helped to make the day such a success: Jimmy and Gabriella’s mums.

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