St Gildas
St. Gildas'
Catholic Junior School



Mrs G Hood Headteacher
Miss P O'Donnell Deputy Headteacher (Deputy Safeguarding)
Mrs S O'Brien Assistant Headteacher and Inclusion Leader (Designated Safeguarding Leader)
Miss S Bergin  Mathematics Leader (Deputy Safeguarding)
Mr M Squillario  Y6 Teacher 
Miss N White  Y6 Teacher and RE Leader
Miss S Ashworth  Y5 Teacher and ICT Leader
Mr A Power  Y5 Teacher and Science Leader
Miss R Chu  Y4 Teacher 
Miss H Clarke Y4 Teacher and PE Leader
Miss E Evans  Y3 Teacher and Literacy Leader
Miss S Queeney (part time)  Year 3 Teacher
Mrs Fulton (part time) Year 3 Teacher
Ms L McColl  Teacher (Part Time)
Mrs T Proietti  ICT Trainer (Part Time)

Mrs P Hannon  Administrative Officer (Part Time)
Mrs K Johnston  Administrative Officer (Part Time)
Mrs M Quinn Welfare, Teaching Assistant & Senior SMSA
Mr C Donnelly Site Manager
Mrs J Alford  SMSA & Teaching Assistant
Miss S Sanchez  SMSA &Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Bligh  SMSA & Teaching Assistant
Miss E Russell  SMSA & Teaching Assistant
Ms A Marrinan  SMSA & Teaching Assistant
Mrs L White  SMSA & Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Mulroy  Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Ms L Enoch  Teaching Assistant
Miss C Fallon Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Sexton  Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Balazs  Learning Mentor

Ms M Achiaa  Assistant Cook/Cleaner
Ms R Nyarko  Assistant Cook
Mr I Nyamaa  Cleaner
Mrs M Mooney Cleaner